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Tumbler Starter Kit

Tumbler Starter Kit

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This Starter kit contains all the basic products that you need to help you get you started making tumblers. These non toxic products can all be used indoors and with all the family. They are all Food and Toy safe by EU regulations.

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Kit includes:

  • HYPERION Gloss Topcoat (500ml)
  • AURORA Primer & Base paint (500ml)
  • AURORA Colour Concentrated Pigments SET of 6 (50ml size)
  • AURORA 3in1 Primer, paint & Sealer x 2 (50ml)
  • HELIOS Crystal Clear Glitter Glue (250ml)


  • 1 Brush (Tumbler blush brush)
  • 1 Sanding Pad (400 grit)
  • 10 Mixing Containers with Lids (size 2 oz)
  • 1 empty 12 oz squeeze bottle
  • 1 x 20oz Straight Skinny Tumbler
  • Sample Vinyl from KHAMSU KREATIONS


HYPERION GLOSS TOP COAT: Waterbased, High Solids, Quick Drying, Ultra Durable Topcoat that is built up by layering. This will give you a Super Clear, High Gloss, Durable, Protective Finish to your tumbler, or other projects.

AURORA PRIMER & BASE PAINT: A 2in1 white base paint which includes primer. It is great for bonding and blocking stains. It can be used as a stand alon paint or mixed with Colour concentrates to give you more colour variations. It can be used on Wood, Metal, Brick, Stone, Glass, Plastics, Ceramics and so much more.

AURORA COLOUR CONCENTRATED PIGMENTS: These are NOT paints - they are concentrated colourants. These can be mixed with any medium (ie Paints, Hyperion, Helios etc) to give you a new coloured versions. Great to make your own DIY coloured version of paints, Top coats, Glues etc Use a maximum of 5% of the volume of your medium (eg 5ml to every 100ml of paint).

AURORA 3in1 PAINTS: These are a 3in1 paint which consists or a primer, paint and sealer. These can also be further mixed together or with colourants to produce even more colours.

HELIOS GLITTER GLUE: This is an adhesive which can be used for sealing asell as bonding. It is a Waterbased, Non-Yellowing, Clear, Permanent, Bonding Glue. It is safe to use and it contains No VOC's and is Non-Toxic. It Bonds to most surfaces including Glass, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Fabric, Paper and more, and can be used for many other of your craft projects.

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